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LGBT HIstory Month: London Events

Hi all,

I just posted this to my own journal, but an reposting it here for people who don't know/read me. My own entry is public, so you can respond there or here.

"OK folks. Some of you may know that I am now my union's branch LGBT officer. As part of my new role, and also my general busybodying, I (along with a committee, of course) am getting involved in organising some events in Central London for LGBT History Month in February. Goddamit, I'm going to get the B & the T in this year if it kills me. Some of these events have already been fully organised, and all you need to do is TURN UP!! All of the events are FREE!! Some of them are still open for input, so I'm going to suggest some ways you could get involved below, if you fancy.

Events and activities

1. A walk around Westminster, Whitehall and Covent Garden, which is being plotted as I speak by your keen tour guide alextiefling. It will probably be 1.5-2 hrs and will run through St James Park, Parliament Square, old Whitehall, the Strand and Drury Lane. The current plan is to run the walk 3 times during February: one "long lunch" (12-2) on a weekday, probably a Friday; one evening after work (almost certainly not a Friday); one Saturday or Sunday - but an indication of interest levels would be useful.

* If anyone has a video camera (+, ideally, filming experience) and is able to film one of the walks, and/or edit the footage, we'd love to hear from you, as it could be used as a future resource. If you know a suitable candidate, it's possible we could also pay a small amount for it - there *is* a budget, although I'm not managing it.

2. As a corollory of the outdoor walks, an indoor tour of the National Portrait Gallery (on St Martin's Place), to see some of the famous people mentioned on the walk and any others who may be of interest, is going to be arranged for one of their late opening nights (probably Thu 12th).

3. A photo/picture display associated with the walk, of a map and images of the LGBT people associated with the area, + notes (written by me!), is intended to be put on display in some relevant buildings, such as Westminster City Council Offices (City Hall on Victoria St, Council House & Lisson Grove buildings) and some libraries and schools in the Westminster area, throughout February.

4. An event has been organised at the University of Westminster on Thu 26th February. Since 2009's theme is "youth" (don't ask me...), the organisers are keen to get interesting or 'motivational' speakers there to talk to young people about LGBT issues. Currently, someone from Stonewall is coming :-/ and Sir Simon Milton has been suggested (...) but if you are someone who'd like to come to speak there, or you know someone who would (particularly about B & T issues...), please LET ME KNOW! Can't leave it all down to Stonewall, can we? ;-)

5. Quite a bit of keenness has been expressed about the possibility of performing 'Sodom", the famously obscene play written by model libertine John Wilmot, the 2nd Earl of Rochester (who will be featured on the walk and in the displays, absolutely so). Well, good people, you ask and I provide! Kind souls mirrorshard & sashagoblin have volunteered to organise a readthrough evening centred on the debauched masterwork! This will likely also be held at the University of Westminster on Thu 26th also, but I will let you know if that changes. I'm sure both of them would also love some assistance, so PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with them or me if you'd like to help out.

6. There is a plan to hold a half-day 'open event' on a weekday at Westminster City Hall, with a few small 'stalls' for representatives of various organisations. So, if you are a national, London or very local LGBT organisation, community business or charity, and you'd like to come down and flog your wares talk a bit about what you do, again, let me know. Any BiCon people able to pop down for an hour or two with a stack of flyers?

7. Other members of my committee are still interested in hearing from people who would be willing to talk to children and young people, including for follow-up events later in the year (eg associated with IDAHO), so if that description fits you, then please do poke me and let me know what you have in mind.



- LGBT History Walks throughout Westminster, Whitehall & Covent Garden, throughout February
- evening tour of National Portrait Gallery, probably Thu 12th Feb
- poster display about LGBT figures in Westminster, in Westminster public buildings throughout February
- LGBT History Month speaker event at University of Westminster, Thu 26th February
- readthrough of 'Sodom, or The Quintessance of Debauchery', *probably* at the University of Westminster, Thu 26th February [OVER 18S ONLY]
- a possible 'open day' event in Westminster Council buildings, date in February TBA, but would be a weekday.

So????? Interest, thoughts? Anyone wanting to get involved, just let me know - by PM if you don't want to make it public, or ask for my email if you'd prefer."
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