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A filmmaker writes ..

I got this message on OkCupid asking for input on polyamory for something that sounds like it might become a documentary one day ... How many of you got the same message ? Every heard of this company ? what do you think ? My instinct is to be okay giving her some general pointers but nothing at all personal.

Hello, I hope you don't mind me contacting you, my name is Riannah, I am 23 and work for an independent production company called Special Edition Films. For the past 7 years, we have been documenting people/groups and communities telling the world about their life's and passions. We work very closely with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and FIVE to make very well balanced and observational documentaries, in which we are very proud of. Lately, I have become more and more interested in Polyamory and the lifestyle in gives. This sense of total honesty. I am now working on behalf of BBC3 to research and speak to various people about their experiences and current polyamorous relationships. I read through your profile and thought you to be very interesting, you are clearly very confident and happy with your life and have clear views on what you would like to do. I thought it interesting that on your list, you listed you wanted to document your life. Why is this? Also I saw, and i hope you do not mind me mentioning, that you were not sure how you felt about your ex-boyfriend. Was he in the Poly community too? It would be fantastic to be able to speak with you over the phone, i am not going to demand you tell me your most inner secrets, but a very informal chat with you would be most appreciated. If you are offended in anyway that i have contacted you, then I sincerely apologies

Their profile on OkCupid is UKFilm-maker.

Crossposting this quite a bit, apologies if it shows up multiple times.
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