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Going to BU tonight?

only relevant for UK friends, sorry ...

Are you going to BU tonight? I was planning to be there, but feel as if I have a cold coming on. Marjorie was also feeling a bit poorly this morning, so may not make it either.

I do remember though that back in September I was contacted by Haydn and Janeen, an American couple travelling in the UK who wanted to meet poly people. They couldn't make it for the Poly meetup group last Tuesday and we felt the best way was for them to come to BU.

If you see them, do welcome them and make them at home please, and introduce them to other poly folks!

If I don't make it and they ask for me, perhaps someone could give my apologies and say I'm not well? I'm supposed to be singing on Saturday so I want to nip this in the bud, whatever it is!
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